Cycles of Time

To learn and be aware of astrology is to be in alignment with the inherent energies in the sky and all around us. Learning about the planetary alignments during the moment of your birth, and what they represent in your life can help you understand the beauty that this study of cycles reveals.

The changes I have personally felt from this knowledge are profound. Knowing what talents I posses, hidden or not, informs me to understand where or what I need to lean in on to move forward. Knowing my weaknesses and the hurdles that are present within and outside of myself has helped me on a psychological level to better process life as it is reflected upon and unfolds.

Understanding the cycles of the luminaries and planets informs me on the best and worst times to take action, to grow that which I want to grow, and to say goodbye to what needs to leave. The mindful preparation I am able to utilize before a challenging cycle begins is mentally and emotionally comforting.

At the very least, knowing that we all experience difficult cycles has a remarkable way of making me feel less alienated in this realm. I am amazed at the beauty and wonder of it all, and I’m excited to share these gems of knowledge with you.

Working With Me

During our exploration of your natal roadmap, I will translate what your unique chart is revealing to you. We will look at where the planets were on the day of your birth, the fixed stars that may be prominent, and what stories and themes are being revealed to us through your placements.

Before our session, I will ask you if there are any particular points of interest you’d like to explore, and I will tailor your consult to those unique needs. In my 90 minute natal consult, we will also look at the year ahead for you, and I will help you understand which energies will be strongest and where the focus for that span of time will be. Prior to booking, please read over the information on my policies page.

A complete breakdown of the services I offer can be found on my scheduler ➡ CONSULTS


In my practice, I use the whole sign house system and traditional rulership. My consultations are rooted in the cycles and archetypes of your nativity, using the fixed stars, terms and decans to further add depth and meaning. For timing techniques, I utilize transits, annual profections, secondary progressions and planetary decades.

If there are techniques or other planetary bodies that you want to explore that I do not, I will gladly recommend you to a colleague.

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Since early 2018, I began educating myself reading countless books and listening to educational podcasts. I also had the pleasure of learning from other professional Astrologers via instructional workshops, conferences and seminars.

After those initial two years, I had most of the basics down but wanted to follow a more formalized program of study. So at the start of the pandemic, I enrolled in Austin Coppock’s Fundamentals of Astrology Course. This program is comprised of three years of study, plus a graduation project. The program goes well beyond the fundamentals, and it has given me the tools and confidence I need to start my own practice. I wholeheartedly recommend Austin’s courses to anyone interested in learning more about this ancient practice!

If you’d like to know more or have any questions, please message me: 
danipassantino at gmail dot com

Daniele 🩶