About Me

Welcome! I’m Daniele.

I’m an Actress, Jeweler and Astrologer

Shaping + Skill:
I grew up in New Jersey, in the Philadelphia, PA area and have been performing in some regard since I was six years old.

I graduated from Rider University with a bachelor’s degree in theater. Upon grad, I worked for many years in college admissions. This enabled me to work with students from all walks of life and cultures. It opened up my worldview and is an experience I am deeply grateful for.

Since taking the leap + relocating out west to pursue my performing dreams, I have self-produced films, written scripts + honed my skills.

STRANDED, a short psychological film I co-created, produced + starred in now has 73K views on YouTube.

Here’s the link to view my industry credits.
Contact me for a comprehensive acting resume.

About the Metal:
I’m co-owner/designer for Hozoni Designs, a boutique Rustic Fine Jewelry company, which has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, JCK Magazine + as a Rising Star at JCK Las Vegas. Check out our elegantly edgy designs here.

About the Stars:
I have always been interested in Astrology and would eagerly ready my monthly ‘scopes as a young girl with excitement and fascination. Flash forward many, many years to February 2018 when I registered for my first Astrology workshop, and my fascination grew into a hunger for knowledge that I needed to keep feeding. I have now completed formalized study and work with clients to translate what the position of the planets and stars mean to their lived experience. If you’re curious to learn more, check out my Astrology page for an expanded explanation about my approach and training.

Have a question? Drop me a message to say hello!

🖤 Daniele