Welcome to Velvety Foam + Burnt Toast, my blogging space.

First, a few things!

Velvety Foam + Burnt Toast is:

A galaxy of thoughts & sounds that span the areas of life I connect to. Wander with me through a haze of meanings and connection. Food, adventuring & joyful ideas may also enter the realm.

I only write when I’m inspired to.

I only write what I’m inspired to write about.

Why is this blog called VF+BT? Because life is a stream of contrasting elements that converge into art…..also, foamy cappuccinos + toast (not burnt, and with butter please) are a few of my favorite things.

I originally started this blog on Substack, but I decided I wanted everything in one space instead. If you were one of my subscribers over there (hey! what’s up?) you may recognize a post or two that I am going to re-post here.

Thanks for being awesome. More to come soon.

Daniele 🤍