Take on the brave avatar of THE DREAMER.
Pledge to live in service to your dreams.
Be fierce in your desire to dream again.
As if it’s the only way to survive at this moment.
Loosen the reins on your perceived limitations.
Give your dreams space and a thorough spring cleaning.
Don’t put limits on your dreams + goals.
Dreams are free.
Let life surprise you instead of thinking your best years are behind you.
Grieve, rage out, let things go.
And then return to your dreams.
Uncover them from the wreckage.
Give them a nudge.
Let them take you on a wild physical or mental adventure.
Let them ooze out like velvety foam.
Play with the shapes that appear and be a smaller and childlike version of yourself.
See what you can create from this space.
Share it or keep it just for you.
Listen to the wind, the birds + the trees.
Stand in silence and feel the ground beneath.
Think of your dreams.
They are there, and they want to be heard. 🤍
🖤 Daniele